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A New Road Rescue Ultramedic In Production for Plaistow!

Plaistow, NH FD- job #649838

The Plaistow, New Hampshire Fire Department is enhancing its emergency response capabilities with the addition of a new Ultramedic ambulance, currently under construction at the Road Rescue Plant in Winter Park, Florida. This advanced vehicle is characterized by its seamless performance and robust design, featuring hidden hinges and an all-aluminum construction for durability and efficiency. The Ultramedic is built on a 4×4 IHC CV chassis, ensuring reliable handling and navigation.

Under the hood, it’s powered by a robust Duramax diesel engine coupled with an Allison transmission, providing both power and smooth operation. It also features the Stryker Autoload system, which brings ease and peace of mind to patient handling by reducing physical strain on emergency personnel and increasing safety for patients. This cutting-edge ambulance is set to significantly boost the operational effectiveness of the Plaistow NH Fire Department.

Ultramedic International CV

January 2024: Check out the photos from the factory floor!