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New Aerial Enforcer Production Begins for Lowell

Lowell, MA- Job #40774

We’re excited to announce the kickoff production for the Lowell, MA Fire Department’s new 100′ Aerial Enforcer at Pierce Manufacturing in Appleton, Wisconsin! Stay tuned for weekly sneak peeks from the factory floor, as we celebrate every milestone of this exciting addition to the Lowell FD’s fleet!

Lowell 100' Enforcer Aerial

  • Cab: 6000 Enforcer Cab
  • Bumper: 10″ Extender Painted Steel
  • Compartment: 42″ Wise w/Double Doors
  • Seating: 5
  • Engine: Cummins x12
  • Engine Horsepower: 500 hp 
  • Front GAWR: 19, 500 lb TAK-4® Axel
  • Rear GAWR: 48,000 lb Meritor
  • Transmission: Allison 6th Gen, 4500 EVS

updates from the factory floor!

January 28, 2024: Lowell Fire Department’s new Pierce apparatus began production this week with the fabrication of the cab. Stay tuned as we report from the factory floor.

February 3, 2024: This week the cab completed fabrication and began the paint process, while the body began fabrication! Next week the cab will continue through paint while fabrication of the body continues.

February 10, 2024: This week the cab continued through paint while the body completed fabrication. Next week the cab may continue the paint process. 

February 17, 2024: This week the cab completed paint and began initial assembly! next week the body may begin the paint process.

February 24, 2024: This week the cab completed initial assembly, the transverse compartment began fabrication, the torque box began initial assembly, and the body began the paint process! Next week transverse may complete fabrication and release to paint. 

March 1, 2024: This week the frame build began, the transverse compartment began paint, the torque box continued initial assembly, the body completed paint, and the aerial device arrived! Next week many of these processes will continue. 

March 10, 2024: This week the cab and torque box were installed on the frame, the transverse compartment completed paint, the body completed initial assembly, and the aerial device began initial assembly! Next week will include more installations and assembly. 

March 15, 2024: This week the transverse compartment and body were merged with the chassis and the apparatus began final assembly! The aerial device continued initial assembly, which will continue next week along with final assembly!

March 23, 2024: This week the apparatus continued final assembly while the aerial device continued initial assembly! Next week both assembly processes will continue. 

March 29, 2024: This week the aerial device was pinned after completing initial assembly! The apparatus went through aerial testing, then on to quality and graphics. Remaining content will be added next week! 

April 6, 2024: This week Lowell Fire Department’s Aerial Enforcer continued the quality process. It will be released for inspection and delivery soon!