Auburn Fire Department, MA Job #32898 7/22/2019

Nov 1, 2019
Auburn FD

Sales person: Paul Grondalski

Vehicle details
Delivery Date: 2019-07-22
Town/City & State: Auburn, MA
Category: Pumper
Chassis: Saber
Body Type: Pumper Medium
Engine : ISL
Transmission: Allison
Tank Size & Material: 750 GAL Poly
Pump Model & GPM: Waterous 1,500
Foam System:
Generator & KW:

Additional information

Auburn, MA recently took delivery of this great looking Pierce Saber Engine. Auburn showed what can be done on a conservative budget and the result was an engine that accomplished many goals. This unit has the 450hp Cummins motor attached to an Allison 3000 transmission. The back wall of the crew cab uses Pac Trac to securely mount tools. A pair of FRC telescoping lights on the rear of the cab will give plenty of scene light. An additional pair of Whelen S30MR lights on the cab roof help the crew to stay safe. The pump on this unit is a Hale 1250GPM with Akron 8000 valves, front suction and two rear 2.5″ discharges. 150ft of Booster hose and an additional 30 gallon foam system will help the crew with fire suppression. Again, we want to thank the Auburn Fire Department for choosing Pierce.