Cambridge Fire Department, MA Job #32988 5/10/2019

Nov 1, 2019
cambridge FD

Sales person: Jeff Fournier

Vehicle details
Delivery Date: 2019-05-10
Town/City & State: Cambridge, MA
Category: Pumper
Chassis: Enforcer
Body Type: Pumper Medium
Engine : ISL
Transmission: Alison
Tank Size & Material: 500 GAL Poly
Pump Model & GPM: Waterous 1,250
Foam System:
Generator & KW:

Additional information

This is a conventional pumper recently delivered to the City of Cambridge. The unit has a complete Galvanized Substructure, Stainless Steel Body, Frontal Air Bags, “Easy in and out” duel egress steps, low crosslay height, “Clean Cab” options, Front Stainless Steel Suction, Diamondtread Conestoga Style Hosebed Cover.