Orange Fire Department, MA Job #33145 6/20/2019

Nov 1, 2019
Orange FD

Sales person: Jason Henske

Vehicle details

Delivery Date: 2019-06-20
Town/City & State: Orange, MA
Category: Pumper
Chassis: Enforcer
Body Type: Pumper PUC 189
Engine : ISL
Transmission: Allison 3000EVS
Tank Size & Material: 750 GAL Poly
Pump Model & GPM: PUC 1,500

Additional information

The Orange MA Fire Department has taken delivery of a Pierce Enforcer PUC 1500 GPM Rescue Pumper. The apparatus features full depth compartments, a 750 gallon water tank and numerous compartment accessories that allow the department to carry their equipment in an organized and efficient manner. Hot-dipped galvanized underbody and frame components protect the vehicle from corrosion. A rear ladder and ample stepping surfaces atop the truck help ensure that firefighters are safe when climbing to access the large coffin compartments.