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Double Delivery #2: Cambridge Gears Up with Twin Pierce Pumpers

Cambridge, MA- Job #38010-2

The second of Cambridge FD’s Pierce pumper set is currently in production. Like its twin, it will be equipped with a 1250 GPM pump and a 500-gallon water tank. Enhanced frontal impact protection airbag systems and a robust 304L stainless steel 152″ second-generation body and the Oshkosh TAK-4 T3, enables effortless navigation through Cambridge’s diverse urban landscape. It will feature CZ Connect® Telematics and IRT Idle Reduction Technology, saving on fuel and maintenance over the vehicle’s lifespan. Stay tuned for weekly progress reports to see how we build Cambridge Fire Department’s custom pumpers.  🚒.  Click here to see Progress for #1

Cambridge FD's Enforcer Pumper Features

  • Cab: 60″ Enforcer
  • Engine: 400 HP Cummins L9 Engine
  • Transmission: Allison EVS 3000 Series
  • IRT: Idle Reduction Technology
  • Water Tank: 500 Gallon 
  • Body: 304L Stainless Steel 152” Second Generation 
  • Hot Dipped Galvanized Frame Rail and Underbody Structure
  • CZ Connect® Telematics

updates from the factory floor!

December 2, 2023: Production of the second Pierce Pumper for Cambridge Fire Department has begun! This week the cab continued fabrication, and next week it may complete fabrication and release to paint!

December 8, 2023: This week the cab completed fabrication and began the paint process, while the pump house structure was fabricated! Next week the cab may continue through paint.

December 16, 2023: This week the cab continued through paint and the body began fabrication! Next week these processes will continue. 

December 23, 2023: This week the pump house began initial assembly, which may continue next week. 

January 6, 2024: This week the cab began initial assembly, while the pump house continued assembly. The body completed fabrication! Next week the cab and pump house may continue initial assembly, and the body may begin the paint process!

January 14, 2024: This week the pump house continued initial assembly, and the body began the paint process! Next week these processes will continue. 

January 20, 2024: This week the pump house completed initial assembly, and the body completed paint. Next week the body may begin initial assembly!

January 27, 2024: This week the frame build began and the body began initial assembly! Next week both processes will continue, along with the initial assembly of the cab. 

February 3, 2024: This week the cab completed initial assembly and was installed on the frame, the pump house was queued for installation, and the body completed initial assembly! Next week the pump house may be installed on the chassis, followed by the body being merged and the start of initial assembly.

February 7, 2024: This week the pump house was installed on the chassis! Next week the body may be merged with the chassis while initial assembly may continue.

February 17, 2024: This week the body and chassis were merged. Now the apparatus will begin final assembly!

February 24, 2024: This week the apparatus completed final assembly and released to test! Testing will continue next week. 

March 1, 2024: Cambridge Fire Department’s second Pierce Enforcer Pumper is almost complete! The apparatus will finish quality and graphics, and be released for approval and delivery soon!