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Goffstown’s New Pierce Pumper Production

Goffstown, NH- Job #39037

The Goffstown Fire Department’s new Pierce Pumper is now in production at the Pierce Manufacturing facility in Appleton, WI. This truck will have a low hose bed, 1000 gallon New York style water tank and a 1500GPM Waterous pump. We are excited to deliver this next addition to their fleet. Check out the weekly progress below!

Goffstown FD's Pierce Pumper

  • Axle, Front, Custom: 19500 lb TAK-4® 
  • Axle, Rear: 31,000 lb Dana
  • Engine: 450 HP Cummins L9
  • Transmission: Allison 6th Gen, 3000 EVS P
  • Bumper: 19″ Extended Polish Steel
  • Cab: 7010 Enforcer
  • Seating: 4
  • Water Tank: 1000 Gallon NY Style
  • Compartment, Pumper, Rear: 30.75 FF Double Door Rear Compt
  • Compartment, Pumper Left Side: 171 Rollup Full Height, Front & Rear Lap OTW, FDLER
  • Compartment, Pumper Right Side: 171 Rollup Full Height & Depth, Front & Rear Lap OTW
  • Pumphouse: 45″ Control Zone Side Mount
  • Pump: 1500 GPM Waterous CSU
  • Crosslays, 2  1.50 standard capacity
  • Foam System: External 
  • Foam Cell: 20 Gallon 

updates from the factory floor!

November 4, 2023: The new apparatus for Goffstown kicked off production with cab fabrication. 

November 11, 2023: The cab finished up fabrication and headed to paint this week, while the pump house started fabrication.

November 18, 2023: This week the cab continued through paint! Next week the cab may continue the paint process.