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First of Two Pierce Pumpers for Pawtucket

Pawtucket, RI- Job #39421

Pawtucket, RI Fire Department’s Pierce Saber is now in production at the Manufacturing Facility. This is one of two Sabers for the PFD with this one featuring a 152″ New York Style Pumper with 1500GPM 750 gallon pump–730G Water & 20G Foam. Congratulations to the Pawtucket Fire Department for taking advantage of the quick turnaround on these stock apparatus’. Watch the progress as we bring you updates from the factory floor in Bradenton, Florida.

Pawtucket FD's Pierce Saber Pumper

updates from the factory floor!

September 15, 2023: Pawtucket FD’s new Pierce Saber has begun production! This week the apparatus began final assembly after the body was mounted. Next week it will continue with final assembly and installation of option content. 

September 23, 2023: This week the apparatus continued with final assembly. Next week it may be released for initial and third-party pump testing!

October 7, 2023: This week the apparatus was released for initial and third-party pump testing. It began final product evaluation, and any remaining content will be installed prior to release. Pawtucket FD’s new Pierce Saber is almost complete, congratulations!