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Rangeley ME 3432 -Apparatus Engine Replacement

Update December 19, 2022: The Rangeley FD apparatus completed customer requested modifications and released to test. Once complete it will be released to quality followed by any graphics being applied before being made ready for your final inspection.

This is the last scheduled report.

December 12, 2022: Rangeley’s apparatus continued customer requested modifications. See your photo album below.

In the next report your apparatus may complete modifications and release to testing and quality

Update November 18, 2022: Your Pierce apparatus has now begun engine replacement. In this report your cab and engine were removed while the remainder of the apparatus was staged. In the next report your apparatus may continue engine replacement and modification. See your photo album below.

Note: Due to Pierce Thanksgiving Holiday break, your next scheduled report will be for the week ending Dec. 03, 2022. 

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