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With over 25 years in the industry, our full- service shop brings you quality like no other.


Our Allegiance Service Center is equipped with a Mobile Test Trailer that allows us to test, diagnose and repair your fire pumps so you can keep your apparatus in full service. Our certified Pierce® Master Technicians, EVT and ASE Technicians provide full NFPA 1911 documentation on each performance test.


An annual pump test is a procedure to document that your fire pump can
perform at its rated capacity from draft. The drivetrain, pump, pump transmission and associated plumbing are run through a progressive series of tests that are designed to verify the system is in sound working condition.
Annual fire pump testing goes a long way toward addressing potentially life-threatening problems. NFPA 1911 fire pump testing requirements are issued with detailed procedures for performing these tests. A few important considerations, annual pump testing allows for safer operations, firefighter safety and a peace of mind that your department is getting the very best. The annual suggested testing requirements in the NFPA 1911 will allow you to show proper documentation and compliance as a department.


The Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO) requires annual pump testing and the results help determine the fire suppression capability of your community which will be reflected in local insurance rates.

ISO has a weighted scoring system. The annual pump test is a way to gain the appropriate points to add value to your overall score. To obtain the maximum number of ISO points for pump testing, the fire department is required to have documented tests for at least the previous three years. In addition to ISO points, performing this test on a regular basis will give you peace of mind knowing that your apparatus is ready to deliver when needed.


A pump test should be performed on any pump that has been repaired or modified in such a way that may affect pumping performance. The test not only assures you that the pump and its associated plumbing can deliver its rated capacity; it also demonstrates that the engine and drivetrain are up to the task.

NFPA 1911
21.2 Frequency. Performance tests shall be conducted at least annually; whenever repairs, as listed below, are done; and whenever modification are made to the pump or to any components of the emergency vehicle that are used in pump operations. Repairs requiring a performance test include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Removal of the pump transmission
  2. Removal of fire, wildland, ultra-high-pressure
    or industrial pumps
  3. Removal of chassis transmission, pump
    PTO or pump hydraulic drive
  4. Engine overhaul or removal
  5. Engine injector or injection pump replacement
    or repair
  6. Engine or transmission electronic control
    module (ECM) replacement or
  7. Engine turbo charger replacement
  8. Radiator removal


Preventive maintenance on the apparatus is highly recommended before any pump testing. This includes changing the engine oil, pump transmission oil, associated filters, checking belts, belt tension and hoses, ensuring the radiator is free of debris and servicing the transmission. Preventative annual and biannual maintenance extends the life of your apparatus. Making a certified pump test part of your annual preventive maintenance plan ensures the maximum benefit to your community by having your fire equipment ready to respond!