Allegiance Fire & Rescue is committed to providing New England and the Northeast with high-quality emergency vehicles. Our commitment to providing superior products is why we are officially authorized dealers of Pierce Fire Trucks and Road Rescue Emergency Vehicles.

Allegiance Fire & Rescue also offers a full line of used emergency vehicles. Rest assured that our fleet of used vehicles has all undergone a thorough process of rigorous testing, service, and maintenance.

Used Emergency Vehicles

Used Fire Truck for Sale

Looking for assistance with purchasing a new or used vehicle? Allegiance Fire and Rescue is a participator in the HGAC Buy Program. Through this program, we are able to offer a variety of emergency service vehicles via competitively bid contracts.

Learn more about the HGAC Buy Program here

Still Have Questions?

Call today to speak to a representative who can custom build your fire or rescue apparatus! (800) 225-4808

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