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New Pierce Tanker for Campton-Thornton FD!

Campton-Thornton Fire Department, NH- Job #38636

A new BX Tanker is now in production for Campton-Thronton FD at the Pierce Manufacturing Facility in Bradenton, FL. Campton-Thornton Fire Rescue covers the towns of Campton, Ellsworth and Thornton, NH. The communities were able to take advantage of the Pierce Stock Truck program for a fast delivery on this new apparatus. The new tanker will be on a 2-Door Freightliner chassis and will carry 2100 gallons of water. Check out the specs below and come back and check out the weekly progress from the factory floor!

Campton-Thornton FD's Pierce BXT Tanker

updates from the factory floor!

March 10, 2024: Campton-Thornton Fire Department’s new Pierce Tanker is now in production! This week the chassis arrived! It will be staged to continue assembly next week.

April 14, 2024: Since the last report the fire pump began to receive valves and plumbing! Next week the fire pump may be joined with the pump house structure. 

April 20, 2024: This week the pump house began final pump assembly, and the body was fabricated! Next week the pump house should finish final pump assembly, and the body may begin the paint process!

April 27, 2024: This week the body began the paint process, while the chassis and pump house were in staging. Next week the body should continue the paint process!

May 4, 2024: This week the chassis began preparations for fire service, and the body continued the paint process. Next week the chassis will continue with chassis prep, the pump house may be mounted, and the body should finish with paint!

May 18, 2024: This week the apparatus began final assembly after the pump house and body were mounted! Next week it should continue with final assembly and installation of option content.