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A New Ladder Truck for Northampton Fire Department is Underway!

Northampton fire department, MA- Job #37773

Exciting news for Northampton as their new Pierce Arrow XT 100′ heavy-duty steel arial is now in production at the Pierce Manufacturing in Wisconsin. This new ladder features pre-piped waterways, Whelen emergency & scene lighting, and a reduced jack spread. We can’t wait to bring this new addition home to Northampton Fire Department’s Fleet! Follow along to watch the build for this new fire truck. 

Northampton FD's Arrow XT

updates from the factory floor!

May 1, 2023: The New Apparatus begins production this week starting with the fabrication of the new cab.

May 7, 2023: Northampton’s new cab completed fabrication this week and was staged for paint. The body has now begun the fabrication processes. 

May 15, 2023: Progress continues as Northampton’s cab began the paint process and the body completed fabrication and will be headed to paint soon as well. 

May 30, 2023: The cab made progress through paint and was staged to begin initial assembly. 

June 5, 2023: Northampton FD’s new apparatus’ body was prepped to begin the paint process. The cab finished up the paint and is getting ready to begin initial assembly next week! 

June 12, 2023: Northampton cab is still waiting to begin initial assembly which should begin next week, and the body is just at the beginning stages of paint process with that nice undercoat to help the red pop.

June 19, 2023: The cab for Northampton’s new apparatus began initial assembly while the the frame build began. The body continues to make progress through the paint process. 

June 26, 2023: The cab began initial assembly while the frame build continued. The body completed the paint process!

July 29, 2023: Since the last report the cab and torque box were installed on the frame, the body began initial assembly, and the aerial device arrived! In the next report the the body will continue initial assembly. 

August 12, 2023: This week the body was merged with the chassis and final assembly began! Next week the aerial device may begin initial assembly.

August 19, 2023: This week the apparatus progressed through final assembly, and assembly of the aerial device began. Next week the apparatus will move on to testing, while aerial assembly continues!

August 25, 2023: This week the aerial device continued assembly. Next week the apparatus may complete final assembly, while the aerial device may continue assembly. 

September 1, 2023: This week the apparatus released to initial testing, and the aerial device continued assembly. Next week the aerial device will continue assembly.

September 8, 2023: This week the aerial device was pinned to the apparatus and aerial testing began! Next week aerial testing may continue.

September 15, 2023: This week aerial testing was completed and the apparatus was released to quality and graphics! Remaining content will be applied, and the apparatus may continue through quality and graphics next week. 

September 23, 2023: This week the apparatus went through quality and graphics, where special content was added. Northampton F.D.’s new Pierce Arrow XT is complete! Congratulations!