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Springfield Fire Department’s New Fire Truck In Production

SpringField, Ma - Job #37454

SPRINGFIELD Fire Department’s new apparatus started production this week at the Pierce Manufacturing Facility in Appleton, WI. See this new Pierce pumper’s progress as it go through the custom build process.

Springfield FD's Enforcer Features

  • Cab Dimensions: Length 60″, 70″ or 84″ / Width 96″
  • Doors: full height
  • Electrical: Command Zone™
  • Front & Rear Axle Suspension: TAK-4®
  • Seating: 8
  • Alternator: 430 amp
  • Cramp Angle: 50°
  • Engine: Cummins x12
  • Engine Horsepower: 605 hp
  • Front GAWR: 24,000 lb
  • Rear GAWR: 48,000 lb
  • Transmission: Allison 4000 EVS
  • Pump: PUC™
  • Aerial: Snozzle®

updates from the factory floor!

MARCH 4, 2023: With Springfield’s new cab’s fabrication complete the new fire apparatus will be heading to paint next week.

MARCH 13,2023: Springfield Fire Department’s new cab began the paint process. In the next report your cab may continue through paint.

MARCH 20, 2023: Springfield Fire Department’s cab continued through paint. 

April 1,2023: Springfield’s cab is nearly done with the paint and is looking good! The fire truck’s body completed the fabrication processes and is staged and ready for paint too. 

APRIL 8, 2023: With the paint processes of the cab completed, it will soon begin initial assembly. The body is now starting paint. 

April 15,2023: Springfield FD’s cab is starting to come together as it moves through assembly. The body is looking good with that base coating ready for color. The frame is build has also begun.


APRIL 22, 2023: The cab continued through assembly, getting wired up with for the lights. The body is moving along nicely through paint. The red and black is looking sleek! 

April 29,2023: Springfield Fire Department’s new cab made great progress with the doors now attached and the glass all installed. It’s staged and waiting for the frame build to finish up. The body finished up paint and had plumbing installed. It will likely be ready for initial assembly next week!

MAY 7, 2023: Getting closer! The cab was installed on the frame while the body completed initial assembly and was staged. 

May 13,2023: This week the body was installed on the chassis. The truck continued assembly, Springfield’s apparatus is getting close to the finish line as the chassis assembly finishes up!

MAY 20, 2023: Springfield’s apparatus completed chassis assembly and was staged to begin final assembly. Be sure to check out the full report to see all the photos!

June 5, 2023: Getting closer to the finish line, as Springfield FD’s new enforcer progresses through final assembly!

JUNE 12, 2023 : Springfield’s  apparatus is moving along through final assembly!

June 19, 2023: Springfield Fire Department’s new apparatus looks fantastic as it comes to the end of production. The truck passed the final testing and was released to quality and graphics where any remaining content will be applied. Once complete, it will be made ready for Springfield FD’s inspection.

Congratulations to the Springfield FD on your latest addition to your fleet!